Imagine how you’ll feel when you achieve results like these!



Imagine how you’ll feel when you achieve results like these!


I've developed immensely having Glen as a guide, being able to ask questions, having curiosities and learning the educational / purposeful reasonings for exercise selection and nutritional strategies. Glen is extremely professional but also compassionate; he's relatable and empathetic to human situations and deeply cares for his clients results but also well-being.


The professionalism and support I’ve received from Glen has been next level. From his advanced and enjoyable programming & nutrition protocols, I’ve achieved the best results in these last 6 months working with Glen than the previous 10 years. I have also levelled up my own knowledge and confidence as a coach. I have changed my physique, changed my mindset and will be forever thankful for Glen and the Atlas coaching team - I cannot recommend them enough.


Words cannot convey how grateful I am for my life-changing experience working with Coach Glen. His personalized approach truly went above and beyond, exceeding all expectations and enriching my life far beyond the gym.

Glen not only helped me achieve a physique beyond my wildest expectations, but also taught me invaluable lessons in mental resilience, self-discipline, and self-care.

If you’re looking for a coach who will optimize your training and nutrition, whilst genuinely caring for you, who will challenge you to reach your full potential, and provide unwavering support every step of the way, I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Glen.


We obtained a WBFF stage package that I was beyond proud of! I have also learnt so much and have improved my physique as well as my own mindset thanks to the absolutely amazing team! They are knowledgeable and supportive! I am stronger, happier and healthy thanks to them! I have achieved so many goals and milestones and would recommend them to everyone!


When I started coaching with glen I was after improving my body composition goals building some muscle and improving fitness for football. But at the end of the 12 weeks it was so much more than that. I looked and felt the best ever in my life. I was able to not only gain muscle size and strength but build a great flexible life style with food, not to mention become a more well rounded and cardio fit athlete I could have dreamed of being. Glen’s programming not only gets results, it’s methodical and inclusive and I learnt something every time I receive a new training phase. This is why I continue to get coached by Glen 2 years later and will continue to do so in the future.


When I started the process for my physical transformation I was wanting to get in better shape following surgery and an injury. Not only was I able to achieve this under Glen’s guidance, but I also underwent a transformation in my overall performance and mindset. Changing myself physically was the catalyst to reorganise my world. Through strategic protocols and attention to detail, I was able to proudly achieve a result that personally worked for my own situation. I came away with increased knowledge on the methods used and why, plus, a much deeper understanding of who I am as a person. To date this is the best I have ever felt and looked in my whole life. I am not only stronger physically but mentally too.


Glen has genuinely made a monumental impact to my life! I knew investing in coaching with Glen would be one of the best decisions I could make not only for my journey to the WBFF stage, but also for my strength and physique goals. Glen was extremely methodical when it came to my 13 week competition prep, he would provide me with an in-depth and clear explanation of the ‘why’ behind the exercise selection in each phase prescribed. I appreciate his ability to shift gears when my pre-exisiting lower back injury resurfaced and his management of my injuries have enabled me to overcome them, strengthen my muscular imbalances and accomplish a lifetime strength goal of a 100kg (double body weight) squat. Overall I couldn’t recommend Glen and Team Atlas more - it’s truly a decision your future self will thank you for!


Coaching with Glen was an awesome experience which produced an amazing result. His knowledge and coaching ability are truly world class and I would strongly recommend him to everyone.


Glen has a lot of expertise when it comes to program design, correcting muscular imbalances and building strength. Glen is an exceptionally skilled coach and is also very professional, empathetic, easy to communicate with. He appreciates the fact that restrictive meal plans aren’t sustainable and helped me achieve my goals whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with food and dieting!



Coaching with Glen was an amazing process which allowed me to dramatically improve my body composition and physical performance. I placed my trust in Glen and he delivered an amazing result and experience. During this time, Glen also taught me valuable lessons on nutritional strategy and training methodologies, which allowed me to think more long term and have greater success. For these lessons and for all the help I’ll always be truly grateful.


Glen employed evidence-based practice techniques to not only develop my physique but also develop my broader understanding of health, training and nutrition. Whilst I came to Glen with a specific goal - to compete in a WBFF show - the education and knowledge I gained over this process allowed me to totally re-structure not only my training, but all aspects of my life. There were no crash diets, gimmicks or fads, this was structured training and nutrition to promote my optimal performance. Whilst it required commitment, Glen gave me all the tools to enable my success. He was always available to provide feedback and had the skill to adapt and overcome challenges we all face in our life, adapting exercise to gym, lockdown and quarantine environments!


Working with Glen has been nothing but supportive, collaborative and rewarding. I decided to work with him, to learn and take control of my nutrition and training during Melbourne’s first lockdown. With the equipment I had, Glen designed a program that was personalised to me, my goals, my weak areas as well as ensuring we were always progressive. We started with a fat loss program that got me an awesome result that was maintained, followed by a building phase where I got my calories up nice and high (never achieved before prior to Glen). Glen's communication is effective and nothing goes unnoticed. Any questions or doubts I would have, he was confident in the reasoning behind his answers and most importantly gave evidence to why we were doing what we were doing. If you want a coach who really looks after your health, mental well-being, and cheers you on. I highly recommend Glen and Team Atlas.


I never realised just how beneficial a coach could be for even practising PTs such as myself, but thanks to Glen’s programming and nutrition guidance I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life. We’ve been able to adapt to unforeseen injuries along the way as well as my hectic work schedule.   My body is more functionally balanced, stable and stronger than it’s ever been, whilst my energy levels and recovery are better than ever. Glen’s balance of functionality and aesthetics was exactly what I wanted and needed. I highly recommend anyone seeking optimal physique development check Glen out!


I have been working with Glen for nearly 3 years now, and I still wouldn’t want anyone else as my coach. I came to him stuck on low calories and a bad relationship with food after having competed the year before. Glen’s knowledge in program design, nutrition and coaching is a level above anyone else. ​  Glens empathy and understanding towards my goals and priorities is what makes me trust him completely as my coach. He doesn’t push his own agenda, but rather takes a flexible approach always listening to how I am feeling and adjusting accordingly. ​  The change in my body composition whilst coaching with Glen speaks for itself - I am the happiest and healthiest physically and mentally I have ever been. I cannot thank Glen enough for his knowledge and encouragement as my coach.​


I have been working with the team at Atlas Performance Health for just over 3 years now and I would not trade them for the world, with their expertise are unmatched. They have been so kind, knowledgeable and supportive in helping me achieve my competition goals and overall health goals. Glen makes sure to share the why behind everything he programs for you and consistently takes a personalized approach to address your needs. Their strategies and approaches are all evidence based and the entire team seeks out continuous education to ensure they are on top of the most current data to support your goals. They are always open to feedback and working together to ensure that their programming and strategies fit within your lifestyle. Glen and the rest of the team are truly the best coaches one could ask for, they are stuck with me for life!


I've worked with many coaches in the past & in all honesty, none quite met my standards when it came to offering a balance of support, knowledge & strategy.   Glen has not only met these standards but he has surpassed them by offering an approach that is firm yet empathetic.   I've been with Glen for more than a year now & it's not for lack of achieving a goal, but more so because I have achieved so many goals that I struggled reaching on my own for years.   I am the strongest I have ever been & I can't wait to see what more I’m able to achieve with his continued guidance.


I have been working with Glen for nearly 3 years now, he has a wealth of knowledge and has been able to transform my physique in a healthy sustainable manner.  My own knowledge, performance and aesthetics have improved vastly from working with him. He takes a client centred approach which is what I believe separates him from a lot of others in the industry.


Online coaching with Glen has been the best investment I could have ever made for myself. It was a no brainer signing up with him, with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. The protocols I was prescribed, gave me consistent results in my fat loss phase, getting me leaner than I could have ever imagined.  Glen always provides information/reasoning behind each strategy he puts in place, so it was an excellent learning opportunity at the same time.


Glen has been an amazing coach and mentor for me since we starting working together 18 months ago. I initially came to Glen looking after losing a significant amount of weight. Glen took the time during our initial discussions to understand my goals, and subsequently structured an individual strategy to help me achieve them. Glen provided the nutrition strategy and structured training blocks, and more importantly, the education around the strategy. Glen is more than just a coach, he is an incredible mentor and educator, not only on how each change to my nutrition and training blocks contributes to my own goals, but also as I have moved through my own journey to become a qualified trainer/coach.


I started working with Glen wanting to see better results and to get out of the rut I was in of low calories. We went from a reverse diet into a diet phase and because I was adapting so quickly to the changes we had to keep moving the goal posts. It got difficult at times and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to guide me through it. To have someone with so much knowledge was brilliant but to add Glen’s compassion made the whole process a dream. Dieting is hard and to have someone like Glen in my corner is the best decision I could have made.


Glen’s knowledge, experience, professionalism and care far outweigh 99.9% of the trainers out there. I came wanting to improve my overall strength, specifically quad / glute strength and hypertrophy. After a spinal injury a couple of years ago, I suffered left leg paralysis and lost a lot of muscle and have been embarrassed to wear shorts in summer. I also had doubts, at my age of 48 years, that I could even build any quality muscle but I decided to put all of my faith in Glen to help me achieve these goals. Your detailed and very challenging training programs and nutritional advice resulted in me being so happy with my results. I am absolutely ecstatic and still cannot believe what I have achieved under Glen’s guidance. Not only am I confident to wear shorts in summer, I reckon I could even rock a bikini, thanks to Glen!! For anyone thinking about taking their training and body composition to the next level, Glen is your guy!


I've loved training with Glen's support and guidance. I mean the pictures speak for themselves in terms of what I've been able to achieve. What I really like about Glen is the practicality that he applies to the training regime. It's refreshing because I do have some critical life priorities that compete with training. When I've worked with Glen, he has taken all of that into account and I've achieved stellar results.  What's even better is that I've been able to grow my knowledge of how to be healthy with Glen's help, especially with my dieting approach. I'm no longer just on boring salads, but I can enjoy a burger, pizza, even a drink and not feel guilty, whilst knowing I have the momentum in my training for it not to be detrimental. I would 100% recommend Glen to anyone looking to get into the best shape of their lives, have a healthier relationship with food and training!


I’ve been training under Glen for over a year now. He took me right from a “non-gym goer” to the WBFF stage while working the plan both around my initial beginner strength levels and the alterations I required due to a previous spinal operation. I have always felt safe with his programs and nutritional prescriptions, whilst I have been able to achieve results far beyond my own expectations.  His programming not only gets results, it’s purposeful, educational and I learn something every time I receive a new training block. Knowing that there’s a why behind the progressions, structures and variations allows me to search for it and gain a greater understanding as a client and as a budding coach myself. Investing in and learning from a coach like Glen has allowed me to take on my own clients with confidence.


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