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Generic Programs vs Personalised Online Coaching - what’s right for you?

May 05, 2023

Embarking on your fitness and health journey can feel really overwhelming in the beginning and it's easy to get lost in the sea of information online. This ranges from generic guides or the next challenge that promises you the success of your fat loss / muscle building goals in as little as 4 weeks! However, these resources can often leave you feeling like a ship without a captain or map and lost in the waves.

This is where personalised 1:1 online training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching comes into play – so while guides and other online resources can be a helpful foundation, there really is no substitute for custom online coaching if you’re serious about maximising your true athletic potential.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s dive into the nuances on the differences:

1/ A curated strategy that aids your evolution, minus the fluff!

Above all else, personalised 1:1 training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching provides unmatched value by tailoring the strategy to your unique set of preferences, lifestyle and goals. No two people are exactly alike, so the exact strategy that worked for the fitness influencer that you think is “goals” will not provide you with the same outcome.

Secondary to this is when you work with a coach, they have years of experience and applied learnings that filter out all the “fluff”. Let’s be real, there’s a lot of misinformation that spreads like wildfire on social media. This means you can stress less that you’re on the right path and receiving the right information for success. 1:1 customised coaching truly is a sustainable pathway that helps you progress faster than if you were to follow the various one-size-fits-all online guides alone.

Finally, it’s inevitable that you’re destined to evolve and so should your programming strategy! The limitation of generic programs is that it’s the same 12 weeks of programming periodisation you’ll be repeating over and over again. Your needs and goals change over time and this is where having an online coach is far superior for you. It takes all the guesswork out of levelling up your programming as you strive to level up, but don't just take my word... let me show you:

2/ True accountability and custom support to answer your burning questions

Picture this, you’ve just purchased an online guide… great! This guide is jam packed with information on the training and nutrition protocols for the next 12 weeks, and now it’s all on you to put the wheels into motion. But while the initial momentum and excitement is promising, it quickly fizzles out and you’re left feeling overwhelmed and lacking motivation. We’ve all been there!

An experienced online coach is like having the best support system in your. Your coach offers you with guidance, encouragement, and answers to your 101 questions (because you will have them). Plus, bonus points for having someone you can call upon virtually, making communication pathways easier than ever.

This level of accountability can be a game changer if you struggle to stick to the plan when your motivation reserves run low, a common phenomenon that plagues the best of us and an inevitable part of the journey too. Your online coach is the equivalent to Google, giving you the answers and guidance particularly when the going gets tough.

3/ Adaptability if and/or when life throws you off course

Have you ever heard the term “life is a rollercoaster”? Well, this logic can also be applied to your fitness journey – that is, it’s not a linear journey but rather it has its ups and downs. So, what happens to your plans when life throws an obstacle your way? Often, this is when people lose the momentum, they’ve worked so hard to build and feel like they’ve taken 10 steps backwards on XYZ guide / challenges’ schedule.

This is where having an online coach can be like reaching for a lifeline in open waters. A knowledgeable coach will be able to help pivot your strategy by making training, nutrition or lifestyle modifications that allows you to continue making progress on your goals. Now, there’s no need to try and squeeze your unique circumstances into the (sometimes unrealistic) timelines or expectations that are employed in generic guide programs.

Speaking from experience, having a coach who helps during times when you mentally don’t want to pivot and switch gears (but unfortunately life has other plans), can be the ultimate saviour for your physical and mental health.

We get it - the expense of guides or challenges are often a fraction of the investment of premium 1:1 online coaching. But the level of flexibility you get with a coach absolutely outweighs and justifies the investment as it also equips you with the knowledge & skills to apply yourself when flying solo. This is what truly makes online coaching an investment that provides sustainable, lifelong improvements to “project you”.

To sum it up, online guides and resources can certainly be helpful when it comes to providing you a plan when starting out on your fitness journey. However, there is simply no substitute for personalised 1:1 training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. A good coach can provide you with the individualised support, accountability, expertise, guidance, flexibility, motivation, and inspiration you need to finally achieve the goals and physique you’ve been dreaming of.

So, if you are serious about levelling up and unlocking your true athletic potential, consider investing in a coach who knows how to get you there!

Thanks for reading,
Kimmy Duong