Want Bigger Glutes? Here's 5 Exercises To Aid Hypertrophy

Aug 09, 2022

As a coach, I'm commonly inundated with requests from clients for bigger, rounder glutes and it's safe to say I've created a solid formula to achieve that. 

That being, training the glutes multiple times per week, utilising exercises that train the glutes in the short position (when fully contracted) and in the lengthened position (when stretched).  

Naturally, I tend to lean towards more mid to lengthened bias exercises as those are often cited as being "more optimal" for hypertrophy BUT this doesn't mean shortened range exercises are not important, in fact a shortened range exercise is number one on my list!

With that being said, here's my current top 5 glute exercise most commonly found in my client's program of late!

1) Hip Thrust / Glute Bridge

While technically two different exercises, they're both variations of the same movement so they go together on my list and I do tend to use these interchangeably. 

A controlled, 'top range' bridge style variation will provide you with more tension when done correctly but a more aggressive, full range 'thrust' will allow you to use more weight.

2) Romanian Deadlift

I absolutely love a good Romanian Deadlift (or RDL). An absolutely top tier posterior chain builder, whether it's with DBs, a BB or Trap Bar, these feature in practically every client's program.

3) 45º Back Extension

If you could take an RDL, change the resistance profile and make it a little less loadable, you'd have the 45º back extension.  

I like using these when I want a hinge to compliment heavier lifts in a session rather than add further intensity. As with all other hinge movements, you'll also get a nice tie in with the rest of the posterior chain with these. 

4) Leg Press - Glute Bias 

I'm a huge fan of using leg press to train the glutes in the lengthened position as the back rest means we can use a high degree of hip flexion in a supported manner and generally load this up fairly heavy. 

High stability + great overload potential.. sign me up!

5) Kickbacks / Cable Abductions

A great way to include some extra training volume for the glutes, the kickback and its many variants allows you a lot of opportunity to play with range of motion, resistance profile and of course, target division of the glutes. 

A straight back angle will hit more glue max, out and back to 30* will be more glute medius while straight out to the side will incorporate a mixture of medius/minimus. 

Note: This is just five of many exercises I use. I do still like step ups, lunge variations, single leg work etc but you cannot go wrong building a solid set of glutes if you're using these five as a base!

Thanks for reading,
Jack Hallows