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3 Things You Need To Know Before Competing!

Aug 08, 2022

As a bikini athlete, there have been a wealth of learnings acquired along the my competing journey. Here are 3 things that I wish I knew before stepping on the WBFF (World, Beauty, Fitness & Fashion) stage!

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As context, these two images above were both taken 6 weeks post competition - the left in 2021 and the right is in 2022 (this year). Side note: this is the power of taking progress photos, as it allows you make a data driven assessment of your physique.

1) Your goal of gaining muscle requires time!

I guarantee your favourite bodybuilder / fitness influencer did not achieve their level of muscle maturity overnight. This is why it's critical to your competition success that you allocate enough time for your "improvement season".

2) To optimally achieve muscle growth you need to consume sufficient calories and protein.

Can you build muscle while in a deficit? Yes, but is it optimal? Probably not. Set yourself up for success by allowing the time and supporting hypertrophy with sufficient calories.

3) Having the right training stimulus and consistent high quality effort supports all of the above.

There's no secret when you debate whether structure personalise training strategies is superior vs random workouts thrown together. This is why we're so passionate about individually curated training programs that meet YOUR needs at Team Atlas!

That's it from me today and I hope you found this insightful if you were on the fence about whether you should compete yet or not.

Speak next time,
Kimmy Duong